"This election is about our identity. We have a choice: does West Vancouver embrace an exciting future and thrive - or remain only a bedroom community stalled by endless debate?"

Support Action - Vote for ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

West Vancouver Civic Election 2018


Congratulations to our new Mayor, Mary-Ann Booth and her new Council : Marcus Wong, Peter Lambur, Craig Cameron, Nora Gambioli, Bill Soprovich and Sharon Thompson.

Our team takes great pride in the intelligent, honest, independent campaign we ran. The entire team thanks the many, many supporters, donors, and ‎endorsers who supported our call for action to implement the policies we need to move forward. And I thank my team for their overwhelming support and brilliant work. Good luck to our new Mayor and Council in the coming term.

Andy Krawczyk

I want to hear from you. I will be taking all questions via my website, my cell phone, email or social media and will respond on my website. Your questions may inspire other questions and hopefully, inspire new ideas and an ongoing dialogue on the many issues that face us.

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

VOTE for ANDY on OCTOBER 20TH 2018

Support Action - ANDY KRAWCZYK for COUNCIL

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